Aero Mobil 4.0 Launch

Get Ready for The Launch of one of the first Flying Cars to enter into production. Yes You heard correct. You have seen the Flying Car in media such as Altered Carbon, Total Recall, and Star Wars. Know starting this year Flying Cars are starting to become a reality thanks to companies such as Aero Mobil. Below see the latest concept on YouTube:


Amazon Prime Air Launched

Amazon Primes Air Launched in December 2016 with The New Drone Transport delivery service. The use of Amazon Prime Air enables both Business and Personal Customers to have parcels.

The Growth of Drones Deliveries leads to the Next step in This New Technological Innovation. Watch This Space For “Tomorrows World of Innovation”:

Amazon Prime Air Launched.

3D Printer Goes into Space


Today NASA has launched an 3D Printer into Space to Astronauts on the International Space Station to 3D Print any parts for the Space Station. An incredible voyage into the future.
A Hardware nicknamed The Portal is a Type of Microwave test 3D Printing and microgravity.

“First 3D printer, Portal, to be tested onboard the International Space Station”.
Image Credit: Made In Space,

The 3D Printing foundation also known as “additive manufacturing” has evolved the last three years with new materials and applications.

The 3D Printer was taken into Space abroad the Space X Dragon Spacecraft after extensive development work by the following programme “NASA and Made In Space over the years, supported by NASA’s Flight Opportunities Program, research and development contracts under NASA’s Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program and the space agency’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama”.

“Made In Space team members, Mike Snyder and Jason Dunn, assemble the 3D printer that will fly to the International Space Station via a SpaceX Dragon resupply mission”.
Image Credit: Made In Space,

A Silicon Valley Company named “Made in Space” comprising of Entreneurs, space experts and 3D Printing Developers, researched and developed the technology.

“Testing of the Made In Space 3D printer involved 400-plus parabolas of microgravity test flights.
Image Credit: Credit: Made In Space”

Motion Control leads the way.

With the release of Rise of the Planet of The Apes at Cinemas a couple of weeks ago. We see a convergence and high demand for companies with knowledge, and the skills to for Motion Control. Using specialised software and different hardware. There are affordable software which has the tools for Motion Control which my company Astro 3D Space Ltd uses.

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The Torch 1: Prometheus Fire E-Book (text version) Published.

After several months research, and authoring work I have successfully published my 2nd E-Book: “The Torch 1: Prometheus Fire” which is the first in “The Torch” series of E-Books.

I am simultaneously working on the The Graphic and Motion Novel version, including Animation of this E-Book.

“The Torch 1: Prometheus Fire” is available to buy via the following On-line stores:

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Swansea University uses 3D Printing to reshape patients face.

3D Printing was recently used by Doctors at Morriston Hospital to rebuild the face of Motorcycle accident survivor Stephen Power who broke his cheekbones in the accident. In the past 3D printing iplants were used to correct congenital conditions using custom-printed models, guides, plates and implants.

Restoring the symmetry of Mr Powers face CT scans were used to create and print a symmetrical 3D model. Maxillofacial surgeon Adrian Sugar used 3D printing for the procedure,

The project was undertaken bub the team at The Centre for Applied Reconstructive Technologies in Surgery  (CARTIS) in collaboration in Swansea between Scientists at Cardiff Metropolitan University. Design Engineer Sean Peel says the latest use of 3D printing is needed in the NHS.

” Mr Power’s operation is currently being featured in an exhibition at the Science Museum in London , called 3D Printing: The Future.”

The Best 3D Projection Cameras on the Market

The Gadget Show recently did a review on the best 3D Projection cameras starting with the

The Projector Epson TW6-100HP is perfect for gaming and Sport, featuring lightweight rechargeable Radio Frequency active shutter 3D glasses received 4Gs by The Gadget Show.

InFocus IN8606HD Home Theatre  Projector costing $949.00 has high performance that includes CEDIA-level features at the entry level. The Projector has an NVIDEA 3DTV play, ISF ccc Certified, 144Hz 3D triple flash and an 3D color management with 3D combination filter.

The Sony VPL-HW55ES projector offers incredible cinematic experiences and includes reality creation and advanced SXRD panels that are both sharp with crystal clear picture. The lens has 1,700 lumens colour brightness with an contrast ratio of 120,000.